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Good Friday

During the evening a charming religious procession crosses the main streets of the island, with the religious statues that represent the death and suffering of Christ.


Easter Sunday

In Lipari island, Easter is very important. The appointment is at 12:00 in the square of Marina Corta, where the beautiful colours of the sea and the sky unify to make a perfect setting for the long awaited encounter between Christ and his Mother. The event will finish with fireworks and the flight of the white doves. The statues will then return to the Cathedral together followed by an organized procession.


The Virgin Mary of Porto Salvo – The third Sunday of Jul

Is also characteristic and enchanting the celebration of the Virgin Mary of Porto Salvo. The beauty and peculiarity of this event is for sure the procession by sea; in this occasion a fleet of boats, fishing boats “gozzi” and motorboats gather in front of the harbour of “Sotto Monastero”, waiting for the statue of the Virgin Mary brought by a procession, accompanied by the marching band. One of the most emotional moments is at the end of the procession, during when little lamps are lay down to remember the numerous victims that died at sea.


San Bartolomeo – 24th of August

Is the most important and famous event of the Aeolian Summer; and also a big attraction for tourists, is the celebration of the Saint patron and protector of the Aeolian Islands. The celebration starts the 21st of August with big shows and demonstrations in the square accompanied by religious moments. Closing the magical day of the 24th are the spectacular fireworks that set on fire the sky of the island.

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